John Scott and Jason Lovett prevent Romanian success at Romanian Open pairs

Friday the Romanian Darts Festival started with the Romanian International Darts Open pairs men and ladies. Saturday and Sunday the single events of the Romanian International Darts Open and Romanian Classic Darts Open are scheduled. Keep an eye on this website, my Facebookpage and my Twitter this weekend for the reports of these events. John […]


Romanian Darts Festival preview

With the Romanian Darts Festival coming up I’ve decided to write a short preview on what might happen. For both the men and ladies competition I chose the following three categories: favourites, local heroes and players to watch. The favourites are of course the better known players who have entered. The local heroes are the, […]


A look into Romanian darts by Gabriel Pascaru

With the Romanian Darts Festival, of which a preview will come online very soon, starting this weekend I decided to post the interview with Gabriel Pascaru, which I held before the start of the BDO World Championship on this website as well. Gabriel Pascaru was the first ever Romanian making it to the BDO World […]