Dutch Open Finals Day

Sunday it was already time for the Finals Day of the Dutch Open. The men play from the last 64 onwards with the semi finals and finals being played on stage. Besides the youth will play their events. The results of the last 64 men singles onwards and the youth events from the last 16 onwards can be found below. Also the finals of the ladies and men pairs took place as well as the final of the ladies singles.

Lorraine Winstanley and Margaret Sutton won the ladies pair final beating Anca Zijlstra and Femke van Zuiden 4-2. One of the highlights of this match was the 114 check-out by Sutton for 3-0. Lorraine took her third Dutch Open pairs title after already succeeding in 2014 together with Anastasia Dobromyslova and in 2018 together with Corrine Hammond.

It was some story that Colin Roelofs and Ryan de Vreede made it to the pairs final. Ryan de Vreede initially entered the pairs event with Dirk van Duijvenbode, but Dirk thought he wasn’t allowed to play at the Dutch Open Ryan had to search a new mate for the pairs event. He asked Colin Roelofs, the BDO World Champion youth of 2015, who hadn’t apart from two small tournaments in the last three years thrown a dart. Colin accepted the offer and the both of them made it to the final. In the final they even took a 3-1 lead, but at the end had to bow down to the experienced pair Martin Adams and Ross Montgomery. For Wolfie and The Boss it was the second Dutch Open pairs title after claiming victory back in 2011.

Lerena Rietbergen and Layla Brussel made it, as I predicted, to the final. Lerena took the trophy by beating Layla Brussel, the defending champion, 3-1. Rietbergen had beaten among others Ellie Larsson-Brown and Aranka van der Waals on her way to the final, while Brussel defeated among others Kyenta Ysewijn and Scottish Chloe O’Brien during the floor matches.

In my opinion the boys under 14 got a surprising final. Stijn Verbakel had beaten Dylan van Lierop, one of my favourites beforehand, 3-0 in the quarter finals. Francesco Basili, a 12-year old boy from Rome, went to the half of the draw with Dutch topplayers Massimo Balsamo and Tinus van Tiel. For Basili, who had already won a tournament at the Angus Darts Academy in Scotland run by Alan Soutar, it wasn’t his first foreign adventure. Basili, who was already regarded as one of the outsiders by Patrick Bus, had beaten Balsamo, who has Italian roots as well, 3-2 in the last 16 before defeating Victor Strijdonck, who had defeated Tinus van Tiel, one of the other favourites, in the semi finals. In Italy Basili has already made it to the last 16 of a national ranking event in the mens. Thanks to Jacopo Ghirardon, a huge Italian darts fan, for the background information on Francesco Basili. In the final Stijn Verbakel showed what he is capable of hitting a 127-check out to claim the title with a 3-0 win.

In the boys event for boys between 14 and 17 years of age Mark Tabak and Marcel Bus made it to the final. Mark Tabak has defeated Charlie Stocks from England and Luke van der Kwast, one of the many favourites, on his way to the final. Marcel Bus had a tough match against Justin Dekker (3-2) before beating Keanu van Velzen, who wrote history in 2018 claiming the Dutch Open boys in the age of 14 and 17 just a year after winning the Dutch Open boys under 14 and defending champion Daan Bastiaansen on his way to the final. Marcel Bus missed some chances, which helped Mark Tabak booking a seemingly convincing 4-1 victory.

Anca Zijlstra played her second final of the Dutch Open 2020 against Aileen de Graaf after they were the best two ladies on Saturday. Again Zijlstra came short, this time losing 5-2. For Aileen de Graaf, who took the trophy already in 2014 and 2015, it was her third Dutch Open singles title.

In the mens event Russian Aleksey Kadochnikov made it to the last 16, where he bowed down to Ross Montgomery. The Scot went on to reach his second final of the weekend. On his way he had some tough matches against Levy Frauenfelder (4-3), John Desreumaux (5-4) after the Belgian had already defeated Martijn Kleermaker and Richard Veenstra and BDO World Champion Wayne Warren (2-1 in sets). In the final he met Belgian Brian Raman, who could step in the footsteps of Leo Laurens who back in 1992 was the last player to take the Dutch Open trophy to Belgium. Raman had beaten on his way to the stage matches Arjan Konterman, who made it to the final of Challenge Tour 4 last weekend, and Andy Baetens. In the semi final, which was played on stage, The Mystery Boy took his revenge on Paul Hogan by winning 2-0 in sets, after his loss at the BDO World Championship against Crocodile Dundee earlier this year. In the final Ross Montgomery showed who was the boss by beating Brian Raman 3-1 in sets.

Stage programme
Ladies pairs final: Lorraine Winstanley/Margaret Sutton – Anca Zijlstra/Femke van Zuiden 4-2
Men pairs final: Ross Montgomery/Martin Adams – Colin Roelofs/Ryan de Vreede 5-4
Men singles semi final: Brian Raman – Paul Hogan 2-0 (in sets)
Men singles semi final: Ross Montgomery – Wayne Warren 2-1 (in sets)
Girls final: Lerena Rietbergen – Layla Brussel 3-1
Boys under 14 final: Stijn Verbakel – Francesco Basili 3-0
Boys 14-17 years of age: Mark Tabak – Marcel Bus 4-1
Ladies singles final: Aileen de Graaf – Anca Zijlstra 5-2
Men singles final: Ross Montgomery – Brian Raman 3-1 (3-1, 3-2, 2-3, 3-0)

Men singles
Last 64
Salmon Renyaan – Martin T’Other Atkins (Wigan) 0-4
Stefan Stam – Erik van Manen 2-4
Wayne Warren – Rene Molendijk 4-0
Daniel Bakker – Tim Koster 4-3
Dennie Olde Kalter – Heine Uuldriks 2-4
Barry Zander – Nigel van Milligen 3-4
Dave Parletti – Benjamin van Erven 4-3
Fabian Roosenbrand – Jeffrey Sparidaans 3-4
Richard Veenstra – Tom van den Hoogen 4-0
Davyd Venken – Maikel Venema 3-4
Martijn Kleermaker – John Desreumaux 2-4
Kay Smeets – Peter Langeveld 2-4
Aleksey Kadochnikov – Michael de Vries 4-0
Moreno Blom – Koen den Hartog 4-3
Ross Montgomery – Levy Frauenfelder 4-3
Stefan Martena – Remco Tims 4-2
Mario Vandenbogaerde – Kevin van der Kolk 4-1
Jordan de Grunt – Nigel Lloyd 4-1
Dirk van Duijvenbode – Wesley Plaisier 4-2
Andy Baetens – Deniz Armut 4-1
David Evans – Jan de Weerdt 2-4
Jim Mayer – Arjan Konterman 0-4
Brian Raman – Robbie Knops 4-1
Geert de Vos – Roemer Mooijman 3-4
Paul Hogan – Richard Kimmann 4-1
Lukas Wenig – Carlo van Cleef 4-0
Willem Mandigers – Luitsen Elzinga 4-3
Dafydd Edwards – Danny de Bie 3-4
Roger van de Putte – Wiard Altena 4-1
Tony Baker – Jim Williams 0-4
Martijn Mijnheer – Sam Coenders 1-4
Max Gras – Guido van Raalte 4-1

Last 32
Martin T’Other Atkins (Wigan) – Erik van Manen 4-0
Wayne Warren – Daniel Bakker 4-2
Heine Uuldriks – Nigel van Milligen 4-3
Dave Parletti – Jeffrey Sparidaans 4-2
Richard Veenstra – Maikel Venema 4-2
John Desreumaux – Peter Langeveld 4-2
Aleksey Kadochnikov – Moreno Blom 4-1
Ross Montgomery – Stefan Martena 4-1
Mario Vandenbogaerde – Jordan de Grunt 4-2
Dirk van Duijvenbode – Andy Baetens 1-4
Jan de Weerdt – Arjan Konterman 2-4
Brian Raman – Roemer Mooijman 4-2
Paul Hogan – Lukas Wenig 4-0
Willem Mandigers – Danny de Bie 4-2
Roger van de Putte – Jim Williams 0-4
Sam Coenders – Max Gras 4-2

Last 16
Martin T’Other Atkins (Wigan) – Wayne Warren 2-4
Heine Uuldriks – Dave Parletti 2-4
Richard Veenstra – John Desreumaux 3-4
Aleksey Kadochnikov – Ross Montgomery 0-4
Mario Vandenbogaerde – Andy Baetens 3-4
Arjan Konterman – Brian Raman 2-4
Paul Hogan – Willem Mandigers 4-3
Jim Williams – Sam Coenders 4-1

Quarter final
Wayne Warren – Dave Parletti 5-1
John Desreumaux – Ross Montgomery 4-5
Andy Baetens – Brian Raman 4-5
Paul Hogan – Jim Williams 5-4

Semi final
Wayne Warren – Ross Montgomery 1-2 (2-3, 3-0, 1-3)
Brian Raman – Paul Hogan 2-0 (3-1, 3-2)

Ross Montgomery – Brian Raman

Boys (14-17 years of age)
Last 16
Daan Bastiaansen – Mats Veerman 3-0
Pim van Bijnen – Jamai van den Herik 3-0
Marcel Bus – Justin Dekker 3-2
Keanu van Velzen – Damian Vetjens 3-1
Mark Tabak – Robin Stegler 3-1
Charlie Stocks – Lukas Jensen 3-0
Owen Roelofs – Bradly Roes 3-1
Luke van der Kwast – Angelo Balsamo 3-1

Quarter final
Daan Bastiaansen – Pim van Bijnen 3-1
Marcel Bus – Keanu van Velzen 3-0
Mark Tabak – Charlie Stocks 3-1
Luke van der Kwast – Owen Roelofs 3-0

Semi final
Marcel Bus – Daan Bastiaansen 3-0
Mark Tabak – Luke van der Kwast 3-2

Mark Tabak – Marcel Bus 4-1

Last 16
Lerena Rietbergen – Ellie Larsson Brown 3-0
Jaynie Wink – Chantal Tessin 3-1
Joella Verhagen – Kelly Megens 3-1
Aranka van der Waals – Daphne Camijn 3-0
Cheyenne Doddema – Jaimy de Groot 3-0
Chloe O’Brien – Eireann van Wijgerden 3-0
Layla Brussel – Amy Geerlof 3-0
Kyenta Ysewijn – Cheyenne Vleugels 3-0

Quarter final
Lerena Rietbergen – Jaynie Wink 3-2
Aranka van der Waals – Joella Verhagen 3-1
Chloe O’Brien – Cheyenne Doddema 3-2
Layla Brussel – Kyenta Ysewijn 3-0

Semi final
Lerena Rietbergen – Aranka van der Waals 3-2
Layla Brussel – Chloe O’Brien 3-2

Lerena Rietbergen – Layla Brussel 3-1

Boys (under 14)
Last 16
Victor Strijdonck – Justen Luider 3-0
Tinus van Tiel – Quinten Luider 3-0
Francesco Basili – Massimo Balsamo 3-2
Koen Schreuders – Joey van der Leest 3-1
Jelte Bouma – Tim van den Berg 3-1
Quinten de Rijk – Vinnie Versteegen 3-0
Stijn Verbakel – Jesse van Meerveld 3-2
Dylan van Lierop – George Spiering 3-2

Quarter final
Victor Strijdonck – Tinus van Tiel 3-0
Francesco Basili – Koen Schreuders 3-1
Jelte Bouma – Quinten de Rijk 3-1
Stijn Verbakel – Dylan van Lierop 3-0

Semi final
Francesco Basili – Victor Strijdonck 3-0
Stijn Verbakel – Jelte Bouma 3-1

Stijn Verbakel – Francesco Basili 3-0

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