Winstanley and Adams among Dutch Open pairs finalists

Friday the Dutch Open has started with the pair events of the men and ladies. Besides the WDDA World Championship took place, the report of this event is available on here.

The Dutch ladies were doing well in the pairs event. 7 out of 8 pairs in the bottom half of the draw in the last 16 where completely Dutch with the other pair being formed by a Dutch and Czech player. In the semi finals we saw three Dutch and an English pair. Lorraine Winstanley and Margaret Sutton made it to the final by beating Aileen de Graaf and Sharon Prins 3-2 in sets. Winstanley/Sutton won also against among others Jan Robbins/Chris Savvery, Priscilla Steenbergen/Danielle IJpelaar, Sandra Page/Roz Bulmer en Karin Krappen/Samantha Waldschmit. Anca Zijlstra and Femke van Zuiden won the all-Dutch semi final against Jacqueline Geel and Sharona Veld. Anca and Femke had among others also beaten Jana Kanovska/Suzan Konings on their way to the final, which will be played on Sunday. Anna Hlavova from the Czech Republic made it together with Tamara Flipse to the quarter finals, which they lost against Aileen de Graaf and Sharon Prins.

The experienced Martin Adams and Ross Montgomery made it to the final as well. Wolfie and The Boss had beaten Wessel Nijman/Darryl Fitton and Paul Hogan/Jason Heaver on their way. Colin Roelofs, the BDO world champion youth in 2015, and former PDC-player Ryan de Vreede were the other pair reaching the finals. Roelofs and De Vreede won among others against Derk Telnekes/Josephus Schenk and Scott Mitchell/Gary Stafford.

All results
Men pairs
Women pairs

Men pairs
Last 16
Aleksey Kadochnikov/Mick Stocks – Martin Atkins/Kevin Garcia 3-1
Paul Hogan/Jason Heaver – Dafydd Edwards/James Beeton 3-0
Wessel Nijman/Darryl Fitton – Richard Brown/Mark Blandford 3-0
Ross Montgomery/Martin Adams – Dani Eikelenberg/Marcel Raymaeckers 3-1
Scott Mitchell/Gary Stafford – Luc Peters/Sander Voz 3-2
Danny Jansen/Mario Vandenbogaerde – Maikel van Heerebeek/Mark Van Samang 3-1
Colin Roelofs/Ryan de Vreede – Josephus Schenk/Derk Telnekes 3-2
Daniel Bakker/Jan de Weerdt – Sjoerd Pijs/Van Geldorp 3-1

Quarter final
Paul Hogan/Jason Heaver – Aleksey Kadochnikov/Mick Stocks 3-0
Ross Montgomery/Martin Adams – Wessel Nijman/Darryl Fitton 3-0
Scott Mitchell/Gary Stafford – Danny Jansen/Mario Vandenbogaerde 3-0
Colin Roelofs/Ryan de Vreede – Daniel Bakker/Jan de Weerdt 3-2

Semi final
Ross Montgomery/Martin Adams – Paul Hogan/Jason Heaver 4-2
Colin Roelofs/Ryan de Vreede – Scott Mitchell/Gary Stafford 4-1

Final (to be played on Sunday)
Ross Montgomery/Martin Adams – Colin Roelofs/Ryan de Vreede

Ladies pairs
Last 16
Lorraine Winstanley/Margaret Sutton – Sandra Page/Roz Bulmer 3-0
Karin Krappen/Samantha Waldschmit – Natalja Bagerman/Tessa Hollander 3-2 
Tamara Flipse/Anna Hlavova- Stefanie Huengsberg/Sarah Walden 3-1
Aileen de Graaf/Sharon Prins – Mandy Smith/Maria O’Brien 3-2
Floortje van Zanten/Ilona van Emden – Kelly Streef/Saskia van Zoeren 3-0
Anca Zijlstra/Femke van Zuiden – Jana Kanovska/Suzan Konings 3-0
Nathalie van Marm/Van Velzen – Petra van der Laan/Romp 3-0
Jacqueline Geel/Sharona Veld – Kyana Frauenfelder/Tamara Frauenfelder 3-0

Quarter final
Lorraine Winstanley/Margaret Sutton – Karin Krappen/Samantha Waldschmit 3-0
Aileen de Graaf/Sharon Prins – Tamara Flipse/Anna Hlavova 3-0
Anca Zijlstra/Femke van Zuiden – Floortje van Zanten/Ilona van Emden 3-1
Jacqueline Geel/Sharona Veld – Nathalie van Marm/Van Velzen 3-1

Semi final
Lorraien Winstanley/Margaret Sutton – Aileen de Graaf/Sharon Prins 3-2
Anca Zijlstra/Femke van Zuiden – Jacqueline Geel/Sharona Veld 3-0

Final (to be played on Sunday)
Lorraine Winstanley/Margaret Sutton – Anca Zijlstra/Femke van Zuiden 

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