Kwanghee Cho from South Korea wins WDDA Winmau World Championship

Friday started the Dutch Open 2020 in de Bonte Wever in Assen. The men and ladies played pairs upto the final, which will be played on Sunday. Besides the WDDA Winmau World Championship took place.

Kwanghee Cho, who was already regarded as one of the favourites by Merel, an expert on Asian darts, went on to claim the WDDA Winmau World Championship. Cho had beaten Bernard Martens, who replaced fellow Belgian Vincent d’Hondt who had to withdraw because of personal reason, Paul Hampton, Peter Bramley (after Cho had been 2-0 down), and Jonathan Hirst on his way to the final. Cho missed the bull’s eye for a 170-checkout to claim the title with a 3-0 win against Mike Callaghan. In the end Cho won this match 3-1.

I myself was surprised by French Frederic Simon, who made it to the quarter finals which he only lost 3-2 against Mike Callaghan. While I expected more of the Belgians, but Serge van Belle, Jackie Goethals, Bernard Martens and Luc de Baere all lost their first round matches.

WDDA World Championship
Last 32
Peter Bramley – Luc de Baere 3-0
Brian Flink – Rob Gillan 3-2
Kwanghee Cho – Bernard Martens 3-0
Paul Hampton – Darren Kennish 3-2
Shane Havard – Philip John Lees 3-0
Michelovic van Velzen – Ivan Zotov 3-2
Paul Gelder – Matt Doe 3-2
Jonathan Hirst – Bjorn Schiweck 3-0
Frederic Simon – Matthijs Wissink 3-0
Bruno Laurent – Jackie Goethals 3-0
Mike Callaghan – Michael Davies 3-1
David Hillsberg – Lajos Viragos Kis 3-2
Ricky Chilton – Serge van Belle 3-1
Cliff RuiterJozsef Miklos 3-2 
Armin Wilhelm – Anton van Hemert 3-0
Arie van der Rassel – Kevin Stringer 3-1

Last 16
Peter Bramley – Brian Flink 3-1
Kwanghee Cho – Paul Hampton 3-1
Shane Harvard – Michelovic van Velzen 3-1
Jonathan Hirst – Paul Gelder 3-0
Frederic Simon – Bruno Laurent 3-2
Mike Callaghan – David Hillsberg 3-0
Ricky Chilton – Cliff Ruiter 3-0
Arie van der Rassel – Armin Wilhelm 3-2

Quarter final
Kwanghee Cho – Peter Bramley 3-2
Jonathan Hirst – Shane Harvard 3-2
Mike Callaghan – Frederic Simon 3-2
Arie van der Rassel – Ricky Chilton 3-2

Semi final
Kwanghee Cho – Jonathan Hirst 3-0
Mike Callaghan – Arie van der Rassel 3-2

Kwanghee Cho – Mike Callaghan 3-1

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I'm a huge dartsfan and started, because in my opinion darts media are focusing to much on the highlights and well known players and countries of the darting world. Therefore I want to pay more attention to the dart players and countries throughout Europe.

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