John Scott and Jason Lovett prevent Romanian success at Romanian Open pairs

Friday the Romanian Darts Festival started with the Romanian International Darts Open pairs men and ladies. Saturday and Sunday the single events of the Romanian International Darts Open and Romanian Classic Darts Open are scheduled. Keep an eye on this website, my Facebookpage and my Twitter this weekend for the reports of these events. John Scott and Jason Lovett won the mens pairs event after they had beating the Romanian Adrian Frim and Gabriel Pascaru 5-3 in the final. The Hungarian pair Patrik Kovacs/Sandor Ballo made it to the quarter finals just as the Danish pair Brian Løkken/Bendt Obling.

The Russian Ksenia Klochek, who is only 13 years of age, and Elena Shulgina won the pairs ladies. They won the final 5-3 against Anna Hlavova from Czech Republic and Shereen Downs from England before they had beaten Deta Hedman and Jana Kanovska from Czech Republic 4-3 in the quarter finals. Andreea Brad from Romania and Margeta Chatzi lost in a deciding seventh leg against Downs/Hlavova. Cvetelina Bozhilova and Iva Ivanova from Bulgaria made it to the quarter finals.

Romanian International Darts Open
Men pairs
Quarter final

Kieran Fox/Steve Giddings – Patrik Kovacs/Sandor Ballo 4-0
Jason Lovett/John Scott – Erik van Manen/Sven Verdonck 4-0
Adrian Frim/Gabriel Pascaru – Brian Lokken/Bendt Obling 4-3
Anthony Allen/Nick Fullwell – Wayne Halliwell/Kevin Merritt 4-2

Semi final
Jason Lovett/John Scott – Kieran Fox/Steve Giddings 4-2
Adrian Frim/Gabriel Pascaru – Anthony Allen/Nick Fullwell 4-1

Jason Lovett/John Scott – Adrian Frim/Gabriel Pascaru 5-3

Ladies pairs
Quarter final
Shereen Downs/Anna Hlavova – Cvetelina Bozhilova/Iva Ivanova 4-1
Andreea Brad/Margeta Chatzi – Kelly Leanne Hill/Annette Lord 4-1 Melanie Vermaas/Anca Zijlstra – Jo Clark/Amanda Harwood 4-1
Ksenia Klochek/Elena Shulgina – Deta Hedman/Jana Kanovska 4-3

Semi final
Shereen Downs/Anna Hlavova – Andreea Brad/Margeta Chatzi 4-3 Ksenia Klochek/Elena Shulgina – Melanie Vermaas/Anca Zijlstra 4-1

Ksenia Klochek/Elena Shulgina – Shereen Downs/Anna Hlavova 5-3

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I'm a huge dartsfan and started, because in my opinion darts media are focusing to much on the highlights and well known players and countries of the darting world. Therefore I want to pay more attention to the dart players and countries throughout Europe.

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