Romanian Darts Festival preview

With the Romanian Darts Festival coming up I’ve decided to write a short preview on what might happen. For both the men and ladies competition I chose the following three categories: favourites, local heroes and players to watch. The favourites are of course the better known players who have entered. The local heroes are the, in my opinion, best Romanian players who have entered. For the players to watch I have picked some of the players who might have a good run and are coming from the less well known countries in the darting world.


BDO World Champion Wayne Warren is of course the favourite to claim one or two titles at the Romanian Classic and Romanian open respectively. With Nick Kenny, who won a PDC tour card but got permission to enter the Romanian Darts Festival as well Wales is very well represented in Bucharest. Ross Montgomery and Nick Fullwell are the other participating players who played at the BDO World Championship 2020. Michael Warburton, Aaron Turner and John Scott have had a decent 2019 and will be looking to make 2020 even better. Wouter Vaes and Sven Verdonck are, I think, the best players from the Netherlands and Belgium who have entered.

Local heroes
The local heroes are mostly based on the interview I’ve had with Gabriel Pascaru, who played the BDO World Championship 2020. Of course Pascaru is one of the best Romanian players. Adrian Frim is a four time Romanian national champion for a reason. While Cristian Cimpoca, Razvan Negot and Laszlo Kadar were regarded by Gabos as the leading Romanian players.

Players to watch
In this category I have chosen players from throughout Europe who I regard as players to watch this weekend. Most players in this category are coming from Hungary with Szabolcs Nemeth, Gergely Lakatos, Patrik Kovacs and Janos Vegso, who tried their luck at the PDC Q-School 2020. Lakatos is a talented Hungarian player, while Nemeth ended 27th on the PDC European Q-School Order of Merit while over 300 players had entered the European Q-School. Janos Vegso ended 87th on the PDC European Q-School Order of Merit. Gabor Takacs is one of the experienced Hungarian players throwing decent darts for a long time now.
Romeo Grbavac from Croatia is one of the players who impressed me during Q-School and have entered the Romanian Darts Festival. Grbavac ended 40th on the PDC European Q-School Order of Merit reaching the last 16 on day three. Further we see Brian Løkken from Denmark, who played the BDO World Championship 2019, Italian Daniele Petri, who had to miss the PDC Q-School due to personal reasons among the entries. One might add Wayne Halliwell from Cyprus and Urs von Rufs from Switzerland to this list.


Deta Hedman is probably the favourite going into the Romanian Darts Festival. Roz Bulmer and Margaret Sutton from England might have a good run as well. The hope for the Dutch are probably on Anca Zijlstra and Marjolein Noijens. Jana Kanovska from the Czech Republic could also do some damage.

Local heroes
Photo: Andreea Brad’s Facebook
When thinking about Romanian darts Andreea Brad is a name which come to mind to most darts fans. Being currently ranked 22nd on the BDO ranking she might as well be one of the favourites with the Romanian crowd behind her.

Players to watch
In this category I have chosen players from throughout Europe who I regard as players to watch this weekend. Just as with the men most of the ladies to watch are from Hungary with again a mix of experience and talent. Veronika Ihasz is one of the more experienced ladies, while Vivien Czipo and Adrienn Vegso might have a bright future looming. Czipo made it to the semi final of the Romanian Classic back in 2018 before reaching the final of the German Masters and quarter final of the Police Masters later that year. In 2019 she reached among others the quarter finals of the Polish Open. Ihasz made it to the semi finals of the Slovak Open, German Open and Polish Open in 2019.
Ksenia Klochek from Russia might step in the foot steps of Anastasia Dobromyslova. Two years ago when she was only 11 she won the Dutch Open girls with players like Katie Sheldon, Lerena Rietbergen and Layla Brussel competing as well. Silke Lowe is a dangerous German player, while Katharina Von Rufs is a very experienced and capable player from Switzerland.

Door dartfreakjacco

I'm a huge dartsfan and started, because in my opinion darts media are focusing to much on the highlights and well known players and countries of the darting world. Therefore I want to pay more attention to the dart players and countries throughout Europe.

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