The Dutch take 4 of the 8 remaining tour cards

Sunday the European Q-School in Hildesheim came to and end. Once again the day winner was rewarded with a PDC tour card, but today also the seven highest ranked players on the European Q-School Order of Merit would deserve one.

In my preview the Dutch players were expected to do well. However in the first three days there were two runner-ups from the Netherlands but still no one was able to guarantee a PDC tour card. Four of them secured their tour card via the ranking half way the day. Dirk van Duijvenbode, Wesley Harms, Derk Telnekes and Martijn Kleermaker ended in the top 4 of the European Q-School Order of Merit. Also Boris Krcmar, Daniel Larsson and Krzysztof Kciuk earned a PDC tour card via this way.

Zoran Lerchbacher from Austria was hoping one of the seven players above would win the last day on Q-School, because in that case he would be the second Austrian, after Harald Leitinger won day one, to win a PDC tour card on Q-School 2020. Unfortunately for the Hypercane the German Steffen Siepmann won the last day and therefore won a PDC tour card instead of him.

Last 16 
Steffen Siepmann – Zoran Lerchbacher 5-4
Jose Justicia – Gino Vos 5-4
Lukasz Sawicki – Wesley Plaisier 5-4
Danny van Trijp – Dennis Nilsson 5-3
Wesley Harms – Boris Krcmar 5-3
Kevin Blomme – Michael Unterbuchner 5-3
Dirk van Duijvenbode – Derk Telnekes 5-3
Cody Harris – Daniel Larsson 5-0

Quarter final
Steffen Siepmann – Jose Justicia 5-4
Danny van Trijp – Lukasz Sawicki 5-4
Wesley Harms – Kevin Blomme 5-0
Dirk van Duijvenbode – Cody Harris 5-2

Semi final
Steffen Siepmann – Danny van Trijp 5-1
Wesley Harms – Dirk van Duijvenbode 5-1

Steffen Siepmann – Wesley Harms 5-3

Final European Q-School Order of Merit

PosPlayerLegs WonLeg DiffPoints
1Dirk van Duijvenbode (TC)1004318
2Wesley Harms (TC)964617
3Derk Telnekes (TC)934216
4Martijn Kleermaker (TC)883515
5Daniel Larsson (TC)782415
6Boris Krcmar (TC)823014
7Krzysztof Kciuk (TC)813814
8Zoran Lerchbacher803113
9Cody Harris723013
10Thibault Tricole723412
11Rusty-Jake Rodriguez722512
12Dennis Nilsson712512
13Danny van Trijp682312
14Berry van Peer671812
15Ronny Huybrechts702511
16Lukasz Sawicki642410

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I'm a huge dartsfan and started, because in my opinion darts media are focusing to much on the highlights and well known players and countries of the darting world. Therefore I want to pay more attention to the dart players and countries throughout Europe.

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