Darts in Europe, week 2

Since the aim of this website is to inform you as good as possible about what happens in Europe I’ve decided to write each week an article about what happened in Europe in the respective week.

It was a busy weekend in Europe with the national championships of Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia taking place. Besides the finals night of the Icelandic Premier League took place as well during last week.

Austrian Championship
Zoran Lerchbacher, who will try to win a PDC tour card at Q-School coming week became Austrian champion steeltip beating Christian Kallinger in the final. Hannes Schnier and Ingo Nachbaur lost the semi finals. The Hypercane was also the best player in the mens softtip event with Alex Steinbauer being the number two, Hannes Schnier being joint fifth and Dietmar Burger ended joint ninth.

Christina Köstner became the ladies steeltip champion after beating Daniela Neumayer in the final. The semi finalists were Melanie Mähr and Sabine Sarrer.

For all results I would refer to the website of the Austrian Dartsport Organisation.

Czech Cup
In the mens event Karel Sedlacek, for many people probably the main favourite, lost in the last 16 4-1 against Daniel Barborak, his pairs mate. Barborak became the runner-up after he lost the final 2-1 in sets against Vitezslav Sedlak. Jitka Cisarova took the ladies title after she won 5-3 against Jana Kanovska.

Karel Sedlacek and Daniel Barborak threw a 9-dart leg at the Czech Cup pairs. Sedlacek is of course known for his appearances at the BDO World Championship 2015, PDC World Championship 2019 and several PDC European tours in 2019. As far as I know this is the fourth time a 9-dart leg was hit in a pairs match. Danish Jann Hofman and Troels Rusel had a 9 darter in 1991, thanks to Roger Boyesen for making me aware of this. Glen Durrant and Claire Stansby did so in the British International Open mix pairs 2013 and Neil Duff and Steve Ritchie at the Welsh Open pairs 2017 did so before. Thanks to Wolfgang Amadeus Modart for sharing this. Karel Sedlacek and Daniel Barborak won the pairs event after they had beaten Michal Ondo and Michal Smejda 4-0 in the final.

Men singles
Quarter finals
Daniel Barborak – Roman Benecky 4-2
Radek Schulz – Jiri Brejcha 4-1
Vitezslav Sedlak – Jan Hlavacek 4-3
Vlatislav Chladil – Jarislav Novotny Ml. 4-1

Semi finals
Daniel Barborak – Radek Schulz 5-4
Vitezslav Sedlak – Vlatislav Chladil 5-2

Vitezslav Sedlak – Daniel Barborak 2-1

The men singles results can be found on Darts for Windows.

Ladies singles
Semi finals
Jitka Cisarova – Vladimira Tonarova 4-1
Jana Kanovska – Alena Gregurkova 4-3

Jitka Cisarova – Jana Kanovska 5-3

The ladies singles results can be found on Darts for Windows.

Icelandic Premier League Finals Night
Matthías Örn Friðriksson has won the third edition of the Icelandic Premier League. Matthías had beaten Alex Máni Pétursson 6-2 in the final before beating Vitor Charrua 6-3 in the final.

Semi finals
Matthías Örn Friðriksson – Alex Máni Pétursson 6-2
Vitor Charrua – Halligrimur Egilsson 6-4

Matthías Örn Friðriksson – Vitor Charrua 6-3

For more information about the Icelandic Premier League and darts in Iceland, I would refer to the work of Patrick Bus.

Slovak Championship
Martin Cervenan won the Slovak Darts Championship after beating Frantisek Mika 5-4 in the semi finals and Peter Martin 5-2 in the final. Martina Sulovska won the ladies title by beating Lucia Jankovska 4-1 in the finale. The finals were streamed as well.

Quarter finals
Peter Martin – Tomas Mizenko 4-2
Stanislav Beno – Lubos Pivarc 4-3
Frantisek Mika – Ivan Fifo 4-0
Martin Cervenan – Erik Poliak 4-2

Semi finals
Peter Martin – Stanislav Beno 5-4
Martin Cervenan – Frantisek Mika 5-4

Martin Cervenan – Peter Martin 5-2

For all mens results I want to refer to the website of Slovak Steeldarts.

Semi finals
Lucia Janovska – Jana Tarek 3-0
Martina Sulovska – Ivanka Babinska 3-0

Martina Sulovska – Lucia Janovska 4-1

For all ladies results I want to refer to the website of Slovak steeldarts.

Roman Pavlovic – Matus Klimko 4-3

For all boys results I want to refer to the website of Slovak steeldarts.

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